..theatrical performance or authenticity?

‘authenticity is letting go of should; be this, do this and the fake facades……just be you,’ author acw With the sole purpose of getting ahead, I have seen employees go to great lengths to polish reputations, deliberately push buttons, self cultivate egos, perfect lying and ruthless climbing of the hierarchical ladder. Most in the workingContinue reading “..theatrical performance or authenticity?”

viewing the world through gen z lenses….

Working for a public high school has taught me some valuable lessons; unique in multiple ways but because they couldn’t have come from anywhere else. I work and live open minded and progressive. I am an advocate for the future, also because I want to understand. Why is knowing the characteristics of those born midContinue reading “viewing the world through gen z lenses….”

Hollywood worthy…an award for your work life

‘This is my career; this is my chance to do work that actually means something’ Riggan (Michael Keaton) Oscar nominee for Birdman, 2014 Ok, a bizarre way for reflecting on your working life; or is it? We don’t normally think of it in those terms. Work is work right? Would someone buy theater tickets orContinue reading “Hollywood worthy…an award for your work life”

Can’t wait for Friday..

It’s true, Friday’s are treasures (doesn’t matter what day of the week your ‘Friday’ falls on). For a huge percentage of the working world, it means relief; a much needed sleep-in, absence of demands, freedom to laugh and get carried away by the wind if you want. I recently had a conversation with a callContinue reading “Can’t wait for Friday..”

serving the customer

Not to be confused in society and our market place today as customer service; at least we all know this in those common terms. What if we simply stop using the phrase ‘customer service’ when we are working with our potential, next or existing customers? Contemplate what ‘serving the customer’ means…far more personal connection ofContinue reading “serving the customer”