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Welcome to workplace renovation..

I am passionate about creating the heathy and thriving 8-or-more-hours-a-day place where we actually want to be, be accepted and appreciated for our contributions/skills/experiences. I am about the process holistically where the needs of  individuals of all work environements are the foundation to building a great place to work

I invite you to read a selection of my posts; progressive, helpful, applicable at WordPress. I specialize in the following:

       *Workplace Culture, Collaboration, Leadership Coaching

    *Mentoring  and Subject Matter Expertise in Team Building and Team Leadership

* Published Author of  Team Tool w/ Instruction User Guides “Team Dialogic Assessment”      

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Time is the single most precious commodity in life. The national statistic says approximately 33% of what we have on our lifetime clock is spent working. What can we do to make the motivation for the buzzing of the alarm a happier path?

Employee engagement data over the last 15 years sends a clear message. We are nationally/globally flat in morale, motivation, and productivity.  There is significant opportunity to build relationships, skills and grow healthy cultures.

We need to talk…learn how to open doors to connect and build new ways of working together; create and innovate by bringing fresh ideas to the table. Days of the hierarchy, stale management practices, and traditional organizational charts are fading away. Employees, leaders, entrepreneurs and those with career plans equipped with progressive tools and support, can make a positive change in the workplace. Our new generation of employees works to a different set of ideas and boundaries.

I am a certified court-appointed mediator and have a Masters in Organizational Communication & Leadership Studies. When not flying a kite at the beach, I am exploring the Pacific Northwest with my sons.

Working happy changes everything.

Amy Walker, MA Coml, Organizational Specialist

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