If only

I imagine a workplace that invites you to speak freely; without fear of repercussions and from the turmoil of molded workplace norms.

It’s where I dream of being everyday; where I never have to guard who I am, or refrain from speaking for fear of judgement. It’s where my creativity will never be extinguished.

This space I speak of is one free from the boundaries of the archaic hierarchy. Why are doors and the titles displayed on them a license for limiting others thoughts and communication? if someone has a ‘lesser important title’ it instantly negates others value and creates inferiority.

Eliminate the 8am-5pm barricades, created in 1938 with the Model T Ford. Invite the workforce to set the where and the how they will be the most successful. You will find that with flexibility comes drive. Bring the responsible and mature individuals to your team that are driven to this philosophy. They will set the example. Baby sitting employees through their days is long outdated, wasted time and not necessary. A far better use of time instead? teaching and modeling accountability.

Don’t confuse the ability to speak and be heard with a lack of respect. On the contrary, strengthen an unending respect with acceptance of diversity; orientation, age, race, gender, and beliefs. What if you woke up looking forward to going to work? That’s a state of being foreign to many.

The equation is simple. Happy people (+) happy workspaces (+) (=) healthy accomplishments & business nirvana with yields of booming successes at a much greater pace.

Dare to think and believe that oppression can melt away from your working world where you spend 33% or most likely more of your life.

Yeah, you can work work happy.. better yet, you can help others work happy too

Published by workplace-renovation

Happy to beginning this new journey; the road has been miles and miles long; full of twists and turns, potholes, learning opportunities, laughs, tears and has lead me here. I am passionate about supporting others seeking ways to be happier In the workplace. How do we spend the countless hours we invest in earning a living feeling like we bring value, we are appreciated, we contribute our skills/education, and finally are satisfied to get up each morning and be happy about going to work. I would like to help you with your road map.

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