One out of every two employees have surrendered careers due to a bad boss (Gallup, 2017). Ouch, this is a wake-up call statistic.

Do we or even can we resolve why we are walking away from a job or career because there is misery and stress in each work day? We make the decision to walk away when we are no longer willing to live with the agony of poisonous influences; we just need to make the insanity stop.

After the daily battering do we even have a desire to do a deep dive on the details of why?

We all know that we can contribute it to defective, unskilled or grossly outdated management. It will impact the entire biz structure from service personnel to the CEO . Why are we still calling a position with huge potential for transformation and biggest impact to the business bottom line of organizations, ‘BOSS’?

Telling the employees of any business what to do, micro manage how to do it, how to think, act, force perpetual criticism, shut people down and dismiss them, is abusive. The greatest crime is failure to listen; all of these are the most counterproductive actions a business can make.

Creativity is lost in unrealistic and grossly outdatd boundaries; the business will suffer.

So what if we make it as simple as leveling the workplace. Call those who have the gifts of mentoring, championing, and setting healthy/productive examples ‘leaders’ or colleagues. Naturally, they will deliver the messages that our workplaces will respect them and productivity will shift to all time highs. Encourage the creativity, collaboration, relationship and respect. Just say no to bossing.

Working happy is the greatest use of our time.

Published by workplace-renovation

Happy to beginning this new journey; the road has been miles and miles long; full of twists and turns, potholes, learning opportunities, laughs, tears and has lead me here. I am passionate about supporting others seeking ways to be happier In the workplace. How do we spend the countless hours we invest in earning a living feeling like we bring value, we are appreciated, we contribute our skills/education, and finally are satisfied to get up each morning and be happy about going to work. I would like to help you with your road map.

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