Turning a new leaf…

..”great things never came from comfort zones”

author, dau

Its that time of year; a time where new is the theme.

Something in our universes is telling us all that its time to make change and where better to start than with a reflection of how we earn a living.

  1. Am I happy with the work that I am doing?

2.  Is there satisfaction in the effort that I invest daily?

3.  Is it meaningful to myself and others?

4. Where is it that I can progress and dare to make the change to be happier than I  have ever been?

Simply answered, easy beginning for a self changing blueprint.

Impacting the culture and ambiance of our workplace is the responsibility of each of us.  As an employee, one can reverse the effects of the negative with a change in attitude; not easy, but totally doable starting with internal dialog, and small deliberate and repetitive progressive actions. No different for those who lead; leaders who can take these actions, compassionately model them, and reinforce behaviors will indeed transform others.  Those who aspire for different behavior, will be successful, even with the smallest of differences. Those differences are the turning leaves soon replaced with new growth.

Work happy….it will make all the difference in life.


Published by workplace-renovation

Happy to beginning this new journey; the road has been miles and miles long; full of twists and turns, potholes, learning opportunities, laughs, tears and has lead me here. I am passionate about supporting others seeking ways to be happier In the workplace. How do we spend the countless hours we invest in earning a living feeling like we bring value, we are appreciated, we contribute our skills/education, and finally are satisfied to get up each morning and be happy about going to work. I would like to help you with your road map.

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