Can’t wait for Friday..

It’s true, Friday’s are treasures (doesn’t matter what day of the week your ‘Friday’ falls on). For a huge percentage of the working world, it means relief; a much needed sleep-in, absence of demands, freedom to laugh and get carried away by the wind if you want.

I recently had a conversation with a call center employee. After taking care of biz, I wished her a ‘happy Friday’ professional as she was, I found a connecting moment with her as she casually said ‘ you don’t know how how glad I am and it’s the happiest day of my week’ It was clear she is unhappy with her work.

While we all need rest and recoup time, this story is sadly common. As Sunday winds down, just around the corner waits another Monday.

We make huge investments of ourself, spend a massive amount of our lifetime at work. Why not make it the best it could be? take all the energy we spend unhappy and unfulfilled, all that we know from our gut is sideways and miserable..or simply wrong and be the change. Change comes in so many different colors. Can profound change happen in the current environment? What will give you a thrill about a Monday?

The truth? We all must take care of responsibility. We must pay the electric bill, take care of our families; we are however, creatures of habit when it comes to work life. Because of our programming to earn and run the hamster wheel, the tendency to explore the shiny new possibility is a lower priority. We accept instead of challenge. In 20 years will you ask yourself why you settled for a sub standard work life.

Monday is a state of mind” auth unknown

work happier……..

Published by workplace-renovation

Happy to beginning this new journey; the road has been miles and miles long; full of twists and turns, potholes, learning opportunities, laughs, tears and has lead me here. I am passionate about supporting others seeking ways to be happier In the workplace. How do we spend the countless hours we invest in earning a living feeling like we bring value, we are appreciated, we contribute our skills/education, and finally are satisfied to get up each morning and be happy about going to work. I would like to help you with your road map.

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