“What if I fall?”….. a risk not taken

Wayne Gretzky said ” you will miss 100% of the shots you didn’t take”.  This statement is pure, simple and absolute truth. We allow many circumstances and emotions keeping us from exploring our unknowns. Unknowns meaning our passions and curiosity’s: things we contemplate that we want for our lives or believe deep down we can accomplish.

What generates our hesitance is a fear; most often the unknown (feels like driving 75 mph in the fog), could be monetary or even daring to think past our old friend, status quo who brings us a false sense of comfort and security.

For clarity’s sake, this is not about taking the leap into the pool when there is absence of water..its about exploration and daring to think/do different on your own behalf.  According to National Geographic research this marks the significant difference between andrenaline and dopamine. John Wesley Powell, the patriarch of the wild exploratory rides on the Colorado River and his deep rooted passion for the Grand Canyon, is an ideal example. He was fueled by dopamine to always know and experience more of the canyon in all its glory. (Link below to National Geographic’s info)


We are all risk takers. The challenge becomes complacency to the everyday monotonous lives we live that causes us to lose track of the clock and calendar. Our work lives suffer the most because we are perpetually programmed to comply. Know that we can satsfy our inner motivation and not compromise our inherent gut feelings to taking risk for growth.

Author PS.….Cause for the gap in blog posts was a result of changes in geo location, lifestyle,  and adopting a new view on life…


” …..oh my dear, what if you fly?”     Author E.H.

Dare to work and live happier….

Published by workplace-renovation

Happy to beginning this new journey; the road has been miles and miles long; full of twists and turns, potholes, learning opportunities, laughs, tears and has lead me here. I am passionate about supporting others seeking ways to be happier In the workplace. How do we spend the countless hours we invest in earning a living feeling like we bring value, we are appreciated, we contribute our skills/education, and finally are satisfied to get up each morning and be happy about going to work. I would like to help you with your road map.

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